The Finnish Advisory Board for Invasive Alien Species

Delegationen för frågor om hantering av främmande arter

The Finnish Advisory Board for Invasive Alien Species, appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, is Finland’s national expert body in matters and policy definitions concerning invasive alien species.

Its key tasks include following and coordinating the implementation of the National Strategy on Invasive Alien Species and the related legislation. The Board monitors the distribution and harmfulness of alien species and the progress of control measures. It can also make suggestions and proposals for required measures and risk assessments, and maintain lists of alien species.

More at Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: (in Finnish)

Advisory Board 2018-2022

Chair: Johanna Niemivuo-Lahti, Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Secretariat: Erja Huusela-Veistola, Secretary General (Luke), Aino-Maija Alanko (Finnish Food Authority), Kaarina Kauhala (Luke)

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